Here’s What Previous Student Saying About The White Dove Method Power Up...

It's like having a body that didn't come with a user manual... and with this class you finally get the user manual! It's amazing, and we're so much more than what you have any clue of, so I would encourage anyone to come experience this amazing teaching.

Dr. Amy Pelloquin MD

University of Colorado Health
This experience has skyrocketed my ability to transform my life for the better. I'm so thankful this important style of martial arts exists and has been brought to the US for us to experience and improve who we are as individuals.

Aiyana Soulcial

What I recommend is that if you’re reading this and you’re excited about having superhuman powers, absolutely come [learn], but know that you’re going to get infinitely so much more than that.

Dr. Steven Young

Co-Founder, Ammortal, Physical Therapist
I’ve done dozens of trainings, personally and professionally, believing I had more power within me than I was able to access. Meeting Nate and going through Level l training of the White Dove Method makes me feel like I have finally been given the keys to unlock my super human potential!

It is also such a joy to connect with other seekers who choose to expand their capacities not only to benefit ourselves, but also the world around us. I feel like I’m in the perfect place with the perfect people!

Colleen Perry

Nate Zeleznick helped me connect with my spirit in such a way that it vaporized my challenges with chronic fatigue. He is one of the most gifted trainers I've encountered and I've met many in the health, spiritual, and business coaching worlds. The White Dove Method is incredible in how it raises your spirit and helps you develop a greater use of your INNER POWER!

This is designed to help you achieve exceptional performance in both business and personal health!
AND I can't recommend it highly enough

Preston Campbell

Innoventive Solutions, business coaching
This training continues to enrich my family’s life. We have been members for 5 years and taken part in each of their programs. There is something for everyone from beginners to advanced martial artists. I’ve learned these things too and more!! What I love most is meditation is such a big part of the White Dove system! Mas Nate, and all of the instructors are excellent people who are hardworking, caring, fun, and have high integrity!! This is an A++!

Rachel Warren

So I have a lot of training. I have over 15,000 hours of professional training in many different disciplines of holistic health, and energy work. So, when I say that working with Mas Nate is the most exceptional and effective training I've ever had, I’m coming from a place of understanding. My energy is higher than I've ever had, and I also feel more grounded and content with myself than ever before.

Heidi Bradley

I’m so glad I found this place! The owners are two of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. The adult martial arts program has been a lot of fun and an amazing challenge. The meditation methods and breathing techniques they teach here have also been a game changer for me. I would recommend these guys to any of my family and friends.

Dr. Benjamin Christiansen MD

Everyone is supportive and friendly. The training value is unparalleled. The energy training is something I have wanted for years, but never found any where else. I have trained with other martial arts and nothing I've done compares to MPUSA. This is the Jedi Temple you've been hoping for. MPUSA will help you become a better person and makes the world a better place.

Joseph Peterson

I have been a full contact competitive jouster for over 20 years, and have developed significant ligament, and tendon damage to my right arm. For over 10 years, I could not straighten my arm more than 30 degrees. Dr's told me there was nothing they could do. Now after just 9 months of this program, I am able to almost completely straighten my arm again. Thank you White Dove

DJ Coburger

I get really emotional thinking about how much I have wanted this my whole life! I knew that I had something really powerful inside of me and it wasn’t until Nate guided me with the White Dove Method that I was able to tap into my true power. My clarity on my path, ability to discern between what’s in alignment and what is not, my confidence in honoring the steps that follow such clarity and my ability to impact my clients has been exponential since learning and practicing the White Dove Method.


Performance Coach for High Level Impact Entrepreneurs
The White Dove Method has been absolutely life changing. The amazing changes I have seen in the last few months can be attributed to the meditations and the energy work I have learned here. Every class is fun and challenging and the instructors take the time to make sure each person is learning correct form and movements. If you are looking for something better then a personal instructor, better then a gym membership, better then a mediation coach. then the White Dove Method is the answer!

Zaid Sri Anta

This is not a martial arts class. This actually helps you trust your body, and sharpen your intuition!

Evie Jaeng

This is an incredible training opportunity for improving your health and well being. In addition to their tremendous martial arts program, the health and wellness development can help cultivate your physical as well as mental well being.

Dr. Laurence Wang MD

Besides the great friendships I made, I enjoyed learning some basic meditation techniques - like how to breathe properly. These guys are awesome and strive to include everyone and make us all feel important and part of the family.

Aaron Brandley

I definitely recommend doing this, the results you will gain are powerful and healing! I have seen a lot of people go through the programs and their energy shifts to a more positive state, myself included! I love their methods for healing the body, mind, and spirit!!! They are effective and elevating!

Jana Lang

Do some White Dove and change you life. These guys are amazing and run an incredible program. So grateful for this place.... so grateful for the people in it. Excellent instruction of practical Indonesian martial arts and framework for habit forming techniques that have transformed my life more than anything

Jeffrey Lowe

I’ve discovered skill sets that I didn’t know I had! This way of learning guides me to become the best version of myself is exactly what I’ve been looking for! And Nate Zeleznick, he delivers!

Grant Wiseman

I was introduced to this class back in 2008 by a dear friend. It had changed his life and he'd hoped it would do the same for me. You will not meet more genuine and loving people than you do in this class. The Instructors give you the tools to become physically and mentally stronger than anywhere else I have experienced. The kids class taught my son self confidence, discipline, and a greater respect for others. I cannot say enough good things about the White Dove martial arts and wellness program. Anytime the noise of the world gets me down I can always count on this class to lift me back up and center my mind back to where it needs to be. Please come experience it for yourself and see the great things that it can do to better your life. Invest in yourself. You deserve it!

Casey May

Words cant even begin to explain the impact that I have found here with the White Dove Method. I AM a Young, Handsome, Amazing Tattoo artist with a Passion to change the world by changing the very core of who I am. I'm Energetic about life and so optimistic that no matter where I am, I can change vibe through my smile and my mindset. I am POWERFUL in more ways than I had ever imagined, And All This, I COULD NOT have written this prior to the White Dove Method.

Through their methods of MEDITATION and ENERGY BUILDING, has brought AWARENESS to areas of my life that has now allowed me to to STRENGTHEN and HEAL different areas of My Life. To Build the CONFIDENCE within Myself, so I can better Help Build the CONFIDENCE of those AROUND ME. THANK YOU, THANK SO MUCH, I Love My Life.
has brought a new light to my life! I am so HONORED to be apart of some so Filled with PURPOSE, and so very important to HUMANITY!

I always knew there was more to Myself then I had ever been taught before. Thank you thank you! I love my life!

Levi Lieske

I cannot show enough gratitude to the only two gifted men that have sacrificed so much to bring this beautiful practice to you, me, and the masses. I came to know the White Dove methods in a spiritually challenging time and with a terminal diagnosis. I was given only three years to live, I tragically lost a boyfriend to suicide, and it seemed life was bludgeoning me from every angle. With the blows still rolling in and depression on the rise, I made the decision to spend “too much money” on a program that I had no idea would be the closest thing to “magic” I would ever experience. I have always known connection to the divine was possible, and experience glimpses, but this was my first and only direct line of communication. With my direct line intact, I can say I am no longer terminally ill, in fact, no longer ill at all. I have healed my heart, mind, body, and soul.

Do you want more and direct connection to your source? Would you like spiritually nondenominational guidance to navigate connecting to source easily and undeniably? Learning these aspects of the Merpati Putih’s practice has given me my power back and helped me to shine a brighter light. When we find a teacher like Nate, that cares about us individually and about the collective at the same time in divine combination with this powerful unique methodology, you have the perfect recipe for massive growth. I highly recommend this to EVERYONE and tell people about it repeatedly based on my miracle alone. Come experience this amazing life changing program. Based on my experience and my awareness, this practice creates miracles repeatedly.

The White Dove’s teachings have completely changed my life for the better. If you are the person that needs a complete overhaul like me, or if you just need to add to your repertoire of spiritual practices, I hope you join me to learn more, and take the LEAP.

All the love to you, the reader ~ 

Melody Konecny

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