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Nate Zeleznick is the Founder of the White Dove Method and Co-founder of Merpati Putih USA (MP USA), Inc. and Vibravision®. This powerful system  merges the ancient energetic martial, energy work, meditation, breathwork, and perception-expansion arts handed down for 500 years by the Kings of Java, Indonesia, with modern science and training technology.  It is the most advanced breathwork and personal energy management system on the planet.

Nate is a sought-after keynote speaker, master trainer, and leader in the spiritual community.  Over the past 20+ years, he has undergone life-and-death trials, mastered the energetic and martial arts, and co-founded the ONLY U.S. schools allowed to train these capabilities. His mission is to guide millions to achieve SUPERHUMAN breakthroughs and live the longest, healthiest, most empowered, and consciously aware lives possible. His companies have been featured in award-winning documentaries such as SUPERHUMAN: The Invisible Made Visible, and the abilities the White Dove Method develops have been validated by numerous professionals in the fields of Medicine, Naturopathy, Optometry, Military, Physics, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Consciousness Research, the Blind Community, and many more for being able to teach everyday people to unlock their dormant higher abilities in a reliable way. The White Dove Method IS the next step in personal growth and evolution, and now it's being made available for the World!
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"Vitality, connection to source, and wholeness are your natural state of being."
- Nate Zeleznick
A Journey Unlike Any Other...
From severe mental and physical bullying and suicidal thoughts growing up to being a world-renowned International trainer and one of the very first non-Indonesians ever allowed to learn, teach, and master the Energy Art of the Kings of Java.
This story is like a Hollywood movie, except it's REAL!
Chapter 1: The Root of It All
In the 1960’s, Indonesia experienced massive civil unrest, and violence ravaged the nation (known as the Indonesian Genocide), affecting the lives of millions of innocent citizens.

In 1963, The 10th-generation Heir of the Javanese Royal Family, Raden Saring Hadipoernomo and two of his sons (right), in response to suffering throughout the nation, decided to release their coveted MP methods so that Indonesians had a means to defend and heal themselves, while at the same time becoming more connected, peaceful, and spiritually aware.

Today, MP has over 100,000 active members in Indonesia and also serves as a standard form of training for the Indonesian Army, Special Forces, Commando Paratroopers (Kopassus), Air Force, SWAT Teams, the Presidential Secret Service, and numerous private security forces.  The specialized breathing and energy techniques are also used in every Merpati Putih martial arts school, seniors centers, security force and police training, and in many other avenues.  Why???  Because the White Dove method produces astounding benefits and results that you can feel almost immediately, and they only get better with time.

Chapter 2:  Beyond the Physical, straight into the "Impossible"
After Nate saw a VHS tape of Indonesian martial arts where Merpati Putih’s steel-breaking, fighting, and blindfolded skills were highlighted (including blind people doing the impossible), a divine synchronicity involving a blind woman nearly being killed because of a guide dog error inspired Nate to find out who the Merpati Putih martial artists were.

Driven by a calling that he couldn’t ignore to help blind people in America, Nate contacted the Indonesian foundation in charge of training blind people in Ilmu Getaran Merpati Putih (The Merpati Putih science of vibration), and sponsored the first-ever demonstrations of Merpati Putih in the U.S.  With two blind men and several Merpati Putih masters demonstrating what is considered by most to be impossible, Nate decided to devote his life to the mission of helping Merpati Putih gain traction in America even though they knew that they would not be allowed to train. The training of non-Indonesians was forbidden at that time, and is still very rare in Indonesia to this day.

When the Merpati Putih team was departing Utah they received a surprise… an Indonesian man that they had met when the team arrived was asked to train him in this art so that he, as the official U.S. representative of Merpati Putih, could truly know what he was promoting.

Going against a centuries-old tradition, In August 1999, Nate and Mike Zeleznick, brothers from Huntsville, UT, with a history of training in other martial arts, became the first non-Indonesians to be granted permission to be trained in Merpati Putih.  This was a decree made directly by both of the 11th-generation royal family heirs to the Merpati Putih knowledge.
Chapter 3: Not so fast...
They began training under the auspices of Dr. Heru Hendarto MD, a senior member of MP and an Indonesian Ear/Nose/Throat surgeon. Dr. Heru is a former MP trainer for the Indonesian Special Forces, and as fate would have it, he was pursuing his post-doctoral studies at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City just 35 miles from the Zeleznicks.

He was very resistant to the training of Americans, but was requested to do so by both of the 11th-generation Royal Heirs, Poerwoto Hadipoernomo (known as Mas Pung), and Budi Santoso Hadipoernomo (known as Mas Budi) (now both deceased).

After months of an accelerated training regimen, while most people were worried about Y2K shutting down all electronics, Nate and Mike were undergoing the most strenuous and brutal martial arts test they could have ever imagined and on December 31, 1999, they became the FIRST non-Indonesians in history to become lifetime Merpati Putih members.
Chapter 4:  Barriers are made to be broken, along with iron, steel, stone...and records!
In early October 2000, after many months of grueling training and accelerated testing, Mike and Nate Zeleznick brought both 11th generation royal heirs, one of the two 12th generation heirs, the Chairman of the Merpati Putih Master Council, The Chairman of the Indonesian Vibravision® Foundation, several Vibravision® masters and a blind man to Utah where they were tested and initiated by the highest-ranking members of Merpati Putih (MP).

They were promoted to the Instructor level & officially granted permission to open the first Merpati Putih Academy outside Indonesia. This was a historic break from tradition, made possible by their oath to the Royal Family of Java that MP USA would keep the MP teachings safe and only release these trainings to members who will uphold Merpati Putih’s principles of integrity, compassion, and service to humanity.

After numerous training sabbaticals in Indonesia in 2005, 2007 and 2013, receiving training and being tested by the Royal Heirs, Special Forces troops, and the most Senior MP Instructors, Mike and Nate Zeleznick continued to develop and advance their MP knowledge and skills, offering in-person training only in Ogden, UT for kids ages 5+ and adults up to 90 years old.

Over time, they refined the practices of MP incorporating modern science, gamification, and the latest training strategies to create Vibravision® LLC, which distilled MP into a precise method that fits the Western paradigm and which allows students to learn skills in just 5 days that took many years to learn in the traditional Indonesian MP system.  This accelerated learning of the more formal MP martial arts system in their Ogden training studio.

They have trained thousands to do extraordinary things that most people would think are not possible, and virtually all of their students–even in their lower-level immersion events–experience breakthroughs in their ability to manage their energy, build inner power and experience extrasensory perception in a reproducible way.

Chapter 5: Time to grow!
After MP USA was inaugurated, Nate and Mike set to work filling classes and bringing the amazing White Dove art to the public. 

With its first class held on January 3rd, 2001,  Merpati Putih USA (MP USA) offered many programs over the years: 
> Adult traditional Merpati Putih martial arts and energy classes
> Wealth of Health energy fitness program
> Youth martial arts for ages 5-14
>Transported after-school martial arts
> Women's self-protection workshops
> Vibravision classes

They did their best to serve everyone they could in whatever way they could, and did so for thousands of people for 20 years with the longest-standing BBB-accredited martial arts and meditation business in Utah's history.

Then...the pandemic hit and wiped out a full 1/2 of the martial arts schools in the U.S. within 6 months.  MP USA was able to survive until December 2021, when they finally had to close the martial arts programs due to lack of attendance and enrollment as the pandemic continued on.  This led to the decision to pivot and teach only Vibravision, and only in a seminar format.  Yet another innovative break from the long, traditional way of training.

Online Programs

In-person events

Chapter 6:  A new dawn for ALL...
After training hundreds of people all over the globe, in the Fall of 2022 Nate and Mike decided that they would be serving their mission to help humanity best if they did so in separate businesses.

When the pandemic forced them to table the other apects of Merpati putih besides Vibravision, they weren't sure if they would be able to revive all the training techniques for inner power, healing of self and others, transcendent elemental meditation, and many other skills.

Nate now travels the world bringing this amazing and rare art to biohackers, doctors, therapists, athletes, meditators, healers, spiritual seekers, retreat specialists, and everyday people who want to learn something that will give them an energetic "consciousness jetpack" to amplify everything they've learned so far, even if they're just starting down the seekers path.

Whether you're a newbie or a certified Energy Master or Yogi, the White Dove Method IS the next level practice you've been looking for. 
Some of the things that the White Dove Method techniques teach you how to do are:

supercharge the bioelectricity (Chi) in every cell so people can live powered-up all day, every day...and do so faster than any other method known
improve immune function (roughly 90% of students report lessened /eliminated asthma, allergies, long COVID symptoms, colds, flu's, etc.)
increase stamina and endurance quickly and at-will (athletes LOVE this!)
learn unique meditations that move us into a deep state of heart/brain coherence quickly (We ALL need this in today's stressful world)
reduce stress and increase feelings of love and joy
  open the energy centers (chakras) and lines (meridians) of the body for health and vitality
develop sensory awareness beyond the 5 senses (the ancient Egyptians said we have 360 senses!  We take you beyond the "survival 5")
grow the ability to connect energetically and emotionally to those around you on a level deeper than most ever experience in a lifetime
connect with nature and earth energies more deeply than any other system in such a short time
develop self-healing exercises that have many "near miraculous" health turnarounds, especially from injuries, surgeries, and illnesses reported by our members
be able to tap into Source and our Higher Self quickly and reliably
improve sexual function and desire in both men and women (COUPLES!  The White Dove Method practices have saved many marriages and relationships.😉)

And there is a LOT more!

With both in-person seminars taught by Nate personally as well as online courses, you have the chance to learn directly from one of the only accredited trainers in in North or South America!
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