Meditators, Biohackers, Breathworkers, HUMANS!!!
Are YOU ready to experience the next level in breathwork,
energy-building, and consciousness-raising? No experience required!
  • Unleash the Power Within: Harness, amplify, and channel your lifeforce energy for ultimate vitality.
  • Awaken Your Sixth Sense: Expand your awareness beyond the ordinary, tapping into new dimensions.
  • Ignite Your Intuition: Unlock your innate intuitive abilities and unleash boundless creativity.
  • Mind, Body, Spirit Harmony: Cultivate a profound connection, nurturing holistic well-being.
  • Ascend to New Heights: Raise your consciousness and elevate your vibration, unlocking untapped potential.
  • Thrive in Radiant Health: Experience the transformative effects of the White Dove Breath Method, fueling extraordinary vitality.
  • Embrace Limitless Possibilities: Discover how the White Dove Breath Method maximizes every facet of your life.


Your 2-day Energy Adventure
October 7th and 8th, 2023*
in Northern Utah (location TBD)
I’ve done dozens of trainings, personally and professionally, believing I had more power within me than I was able to access. Meeting Nate and going through Level l training of the White Dove Method makes me feel like I have finally been given the keys to unlock my super human potential!

It is also such a joy to connect with other seekers who choose to expand their capacities not only to benefit ourselves, but also the world around us. I feel like I’m in the perfect place with the perfect people!
Colleen Perry


You’re About To Access A 500 Year Old Form Of Energetic Practices
That Was Only Available To The Royalty In Indonesia…


So I have a lot of training. I have over 15,000 hours of professional training in many different disciplines of holistic health, and energy work. So, when I say that working with Mas Nate is the most exceptional and effective training I've ever had, I’m coming from a place of understanding. My energy is higher than I've ever had, and I also feel more grounded and content with myself than ever before.
Heidi Bradley
Many ancient forms of martial arts have mystical aspects to them. Normally they are only taught to students who have dedicated a lifetime of practice to the Grandmaster.

Now, you get to access the deepest secrets of an energetic martial arts form called Merpati Putih. This energetic practice can massively strengthen, awaken, and fuel all aspects of your life in just 2 days!

YES, in just 2 days, you'll not only learn the skills to become the master of your own energy, you'll deepen your connection to your intuition and instinct.

Over the course of thisone-of-a-kind experience using unique combinations of movement, breathwork, meditation, visualization, and gamified practice, you will:
  • ​Learn to build, store, flow and project your personal energy (Chi)
  • ​Tune your body and energy field to develop awareness beyond your normal 5 senses and possibly experience extrasensory perception
  • Align and connect with your mind-body-spirit energies and raise your consciousness
  • ​​​Optimize your bioenergetics and physiology for optimal health and vitality
Important life decisions become significantly easier since instinct is immediate and gives you energy while overthinking is hard and drains your energy and vitality.  Learn to tune in to the energies all around you, turn on your built-in sensors, and tap into your highest abilities, all naturally without any equipment or supplements.  All you need is your body and your breath!
Nate has an uncanny ability to connect quickly and create memorable experiences for his audience. He’s both profound and playful as he guides your journey to new insights.
Deb Battersby
Founder, FreedomPoint, Transformational Coaching Methods
Mas Nate has proven himself to be a person who’s truly worked on himself in many aspects. He comes with a very clean heart, a very pure mind to train and educate people from all walks of life. I highly recommend hearing him speak and inviting him to any events that he might have for the simple fact that he can bring something to the table that nobody else in this world could ever possibly bring, and something that quite frankly, can fit into any toolbox, into any skill set that might be out there.
Jon Benjamin
Traveling Nurse


  • Your Chakras become open and aligned to consistently embody inner peace, inner knowing, and inner guidance for the greatest “manifestations”.
  • Your pineal gland unlocks for an even stronger connection to your higher self and the divine downloads of truth and alignment.
  • ​You get the techniques to gather unlimited energy in every single one of your cells to fuel your life, your passions, and your contributions to humanity.
  • ​​You learn how to access your own higher human abilities in a natural way, and discover what your greatest gifts really are.

Here is How it Works

The Experience Will Be 2 days. October 7th & 8th, 2023 held in Northern Utah near Salt Lake City (location TBD). 

Registration & Application
Once you register, your application will be reviewed and an approval email will be sent from Nate personally.

The Day Prior
You arrive into Salt Lake City, Utah. You are responsible for your lodging, transportation and meals. The training location is located near many amazing food establishments, and there will be an hour lunch mid-day on both days and periodic breaks.

Day 1
On Day One, you’ll learn a very specialized and proprietary sequence of breathing exercises and meditations from the White Dove Method to link up your Mind and Body. We’ll cover how your lifeforce and consciousness work together and then start your journey by learning the most powerful breathwork system on the planet!  These techniques have been handed down and perfected for 12 generations in the Indonesian Royal family and are practiced every day by their Military & Special Forces to increase their energy, health, vitality, and awareness. They turn our pulmonary system and 60,000+ miles of our blood vessels into a bioenergy generator to build up massive amounts of energy (Chi) in our bodies faster than ANY other method known. Nearly every student feels this immediately.  Take any other breath or energy work you’ve ever done and 10X it! That’s what you’ll have access to for life once you know these exercises.

After you have the basics down, you’ll learn some shortcuts to quickly build, feel, flow, control, and use your lifeforce energy… both inside and outside your body. This is where the real fun starts! You’ll start learning the basics of how to sense objects around you without needing to use your eyes. You SEE with your mind and your entire body, not just your eyes, and most people report having huge breakthroughs in how they experience the world after just THE FIRST DAY!

Day 2
On Day Two, we’ll start the day with our White Dove Warmup – 20 minutes of exercise, static and dynamic stretching exercises (at your own pace and level of intensity) and breath work that activate every part of your body and prepare your physical and energetic systems for an amazing day…every day! After the warmups, we’ll review the Day One material and then teach you how to activate your Pineal Gland and 3rd eye in a very unique way no other system offers. You’ll also learn meditations that create deep heart-brain coherence; relieving your stress, calming your mind, supporting your body, and expanding your awareness. Then, you will learn how to use these to start sharpening your intuition and Inner Vision with fun training games that will put you in the childlike learning state so the skills come faster while having a great time!

We will finish with a deep class integration session where we get to learn from and support one another. For many, this is the most valuable part of the entire program!
One of the things that impressed me the most about Nate Zeleznick was his passion for human potential and insatiable quest for science to support new thresholds of human capability. He is eloquent and warm, articulate and accessible, and he has a knack for bringing in humor at exactly the right moment. Nate has a subtle charisma that makes him an engaging speaker who knows how to create value and excitement for an audience.
Maura Barclay
Board Member & Culture Advisor at NuMee • Culture and Talent Solutions • EX Architect • Certified Change Management Specialist, Talent Optimization Leader • C-Change Podcast Host • Culture Catalyst
Your Investment To Attend Is $2,222 

now only $1497!

As We Access Our Own Superhuman Capabilities, We Can Inspire Even More People To Be Their Unique Own Superhuman For The Collective Consciousness, Joy, And Peace For Humanity!  When Nate was the President of Vibravision, his company was featured in SUPERHUMAN: The Invisible Made Visible, available now on GAIA and Amazon.

Are YOU ready to unleash your inner Superhuman?

Major Student Breakthroughs In Just A Few Days

Here are some of the results from our past events
  • One person came with a life-long attachment to substances. She lost 11 pounds in 6 days. A week later she said “I can’t even connect with the version of me that had the addiction”.
  • ​Most participants are able to instantly access their inner calm and peace daily to make life and investment decisions with more clarity and without fear.
  • ​​Many people say they have not felt as healthy and good in years as after their first Immersion.
  • ​​Many asthmatics and people with allergies have reported the lessening or elimination of these conditions.
  • ​​Every student learns how to turn their energy up to an “11” at will, in minutes or even seconds!
  • ​​Nearly ALL members are able to “feel” and “sense” things around them in a totally new way, especially their own energy and the energies of other people. For energy-aware people and healers, this is the biggest game-changer! Medical Disclaimer
You’re Likely A Good Fit If You’re…
  • A high achiever/top performer
  •  ​Interested in personal mastery
  • ​​Seeking greater control over your energy and your life
  •  ​​Excited about dramatically expanding your awareness, intuition, decision-making, and creativity
  •  ​​Interested in creating greater mind-body-spirit connection and elevating your consciousness
  •  ​​​Committed to your health and vitality
  •  ​​Passionate about investing in yourself through life-changing programs

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October 7th & 8th
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